I've just bought a bass, and I'll have a bass amp for it in two weeks. However, I have an electric guitar amp (Spider III 15), and I was thinking of using the bass with that amp using headphones, until I receive the bass amp.
Could it happen that using the bass with it damaged the amp?

I don't know if it's relevant, but I repeat that I would only use headphones. That way, the sound wouldn't go out through the amp, or am I wrong?

I think the primary problem you'd have would be blowing out the speaker, so you should be fine if you use the headphone out.
i really wouldn't try it.
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I agree, I still wouldn't really crank it up, or crank the settings too high, Bass amps are built a little more "tough" to withstand that kind of sound frequency as guitar amps are not. But you should be fine for the time being...
yeah you'll blow out the speaker and completely **** the amp

play it acoustically until bass amp arrives for best results
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You can use it for low level stuff pretty easy, as long as your not cranking it it should work fine without headphones
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I forgot to say one thing, it's a 5-strings warwick. Maybe that fifth string makes it a bit more "dangerous", don't you think so? Although I wouldn't crank it out, just enough volume to hear it clearly.
Anyways, what really worries me is the fact I don't know if using headphones eliminates the risk to blow the speaker. Does anybody know about that?
dude dont
just dont risk it
my bass player did it once by accident and ****ed up the whole amp
Its my understanding that most guitar amps use a different type of pre amp than a bass amp, and running a bass guitar through a guitar amp will most likely wreck the speaker. Im not sure if it will wreck the headphone speakers, though, it might. I would say 95% that a spider would not be good to play bass through, be safe wait till your bass amp comes.
With the volume down and the bass rolled way back the amp should survive, especially if you're going to be using headphones. I realistically don't think it's going to damage the preamp or power amp or anything like that, so the speaker would be your main concern. Since you won't be using it you have less to worry about.
If it ruins the headphones, you are out a set of cheap headphones, big deal (it won't). Go for it. Funny you didn't post this in the bass forum, where everyone would immediately attack you and tell you how your amp is going to literally explode. Headphones will be fine, but it will sound like ass and a half. Playing through your speaker might ever overheat the coils, or overextend the speaker, causing some damage either way.

Why didn't you just wait two weeks and get it all at once?
bass guitar into guitar amp=blown speaker if it's played too loud

guitar into bass amp=won't blow up and actually sounds quite good and unique (ask adam jones or matt bellamy)
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ya guitar through bass amp is really nice, its especially popular to run electric acoustic guitars through bass amps, if you dont have an acoustic amp. vocals through bass amp is decent too. ive also used a bass amp as a monitor

Bass amps can be used for a lot of other things besides bass, because they dont alter the signal as much as guitar amps, and they add a nice warmness. guitar amps are really only useful for guitars.
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