I was given a Marshall MG30 by a friend and I was wondering if adding a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone or a Digitech Metal Master will help the Marshall with playing stuff like hard rock and heavy metal stuff like Metallica and Megadeth. Or should I take it to Sam Ash or Guitar Center and trade it in on a better solid state amp or a tube amp. If I have to buy a new amp my budget is around the $300.00 range but will go a little higher. Are there amps in this price range that will get me close to the sound I am after without the use of a distortion pedal? I want to stay away from modeling amps in case I want to add some pedals later. Thanks for your help.
Pedals will do the trick. But I have a Fender Ultimate Chorus that's 130 watts for ~$200 that nails any tone I shoot for...

Ebay it.
I don't charge much...

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