Thanks, i havent heard of that band but ill check them out now :-) Anyone suggest any cover songs you think we should do?
sounds pretty good, doesn't sound a whole lot like blink, its less poppy, more like millencolin. honestly, i think its a little generic, maybe try some more unique song writing? your profile says you are quickly writing songs, and the songs do sound like they were quickly writen, I would say to stop worrying about getting a lot of songs written, spend some time on just one or maybe 2 songs and put a lot of work into it. Spend time coming up with unique riffs that go really well with the chord progression, try some not-so-common chord progressions, and especially try coming up with vocal melodies that sound awesome and unique, it does take a lot of time to write good songs. A lot of good albums took over a year to make. Also, if you do shows, its a good idea to do some covers before you get alot of good songs written, try opening with a cover that people will know, crowds really like that.

If you want, check out the stuff ive made on my own. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=886192
Thanks, I really will take that onboard. Things like that, get me more pumped up to writing even better songs. Thanks :-)
I dont think you soiund like blink182 just my opinion tbh. The songs ar okay. O the first one, i think the vocals sound a little off key and i didnt like the solo at all. The second one seems to me to have a little bit more potential but the recording quality is so shoddy that its hard to tell. think it ight sound a litle bit better if you vocalist didnt have to concentrate on guitar soo much and let him lean more towards vocals. That way he can concentrate a lot more on the key and tone of his voice. While he is singing, i also think that it sounds like as if hes not actually enjoying. Like hes just trying to get the words out as fast as possible regardless of how they sound. It results in the sharp gasps for breath he takes at the end of each line. Less guitar would let him concentrate on this, unless its a style that you are aiming for. In my opinion however you would be better off without it!

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