I'd say it's reminiscent of one of my past works, This Symphony Has a Breaking Point. It might be a bit too similar but in the past this style has earned positive reviews for me so, here you go.
This Could Be Toxic.zip
Critting as I'm listening. So far I like what I'm listening to! It's really beautiful, man. I'll crit this in detail after I finished listening to it.

Okay, finished listening, and I have to say, fuck it's awesome! It was worth it pausing Sonata Arctica for this .

Anyway, on with the crit. Now I won't go into details, since I bet you don't want a crit with "this is awesome!" repeated 100 times, do you?

Everything up to chorus was real nice and perfect, I can't see how the chorus could be any better than this is, though I have the feeling that it could be stronger . The pre-verse was a really cool bit, really lift the mood of the song!

Now, I don't quite like the pre-chorus bit, the synth kinda turned it off for me. But Idk, maybe others will like it. Now, my suggestion is, if you decided to keep the synth, the drums should be changed when the synth plays, like it should be faster and more uplifting. Imo it'd sound better .

Next part was awesome. Piano was beautiful. I think 62 onwards would sound better with subtle drums behind it . I think it'll sound cooler if you repeat the chorus twice. Just a suggestion . I don't quite like the ending. A suggestion is to make the guitar continue playing without vocals, end then fading out or something.

Overall, a really beautiful song.... The melodies were all great and nice, and some of it are really soothing. My complaint is that the guitar is not so prevalent here, it didn't play any real strong melodies, but I guess that's the piano's job, eh? Another thing is, though not that important, a solo could do this song wonders. Put in a little melodic and emotional solo in the interlude, after the piano plays a bit, and you've got a really beautiful part. Damn, there's just only a few to zero bad things in this song! Nice work, m8!

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