Where the hell do you find a 3mm?

(*Glad to see Im not the only one who keeps things that save my ass in my wallet*)

Haha, no, I have a key spot in my wallet, and it holds my picks just fine.
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Where the hell do you find a 3mm?
I don't remember...Sound Control or somewhere? They're not hard to find.
2.0mm punk, 1.14 everythin else
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2.07mm Dunlop JD JazzTone 207s. Fitz recommend them to me, and my local sells a bag of 36 for less than 15USD.

I also use the 1.00mm Tortexes as well.
I use green Tortex picks whatever gauge they are.
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between .71 or .96, depends on which one I find first. Normally use Stagg or Dunlap.

And I too, keep mine safely in my wallet.
wen i use a pick i use 0.88

but im tryin 2 learn 2 play bass with my fingers
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I usually get 1mm but if they're out of them ill get .96 or 1.14. im not picky :P
I use 1mm for guitar and bass.
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I tend to use Tortex picks ranging from 0.6 to 1mm (in colours, orange, yellow, green and blue, yellow being my favourite )

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1mm tortex exclusive.
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1.14 Dunlop Gator Grips.
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Folks, you heard this here:

The best bass pick ever is:

The Dunlop Jazz Tone 207.



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I use Tortex 1.5mms, mainly because its quite hard to loose a lavender pick.
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i dont know what mine are. i use fender heavys though

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0 mm!!!!! (although when i do use a pick idk the gauge i just use the "heavy" one from fender )

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When I used to use picks, I would only use celluloid cause they're pretty flammable, it was fun to light them and throw at my drummer
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When I used to use picks, I would only use celluloid cause they're pretty flammable, it was fun to light them and throw at my drummer

haha, win!

on topic: I prefer not to use picks with bass, i hate the sound that you get with them.
although if I had to i'd use a pretty thick one, maybe 2mm or so
only a .50mm that I use on my acoustic, I don't often use a pick on bass, but I'm trying to play some Rancid lines and I need one.
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I bought some new to picks to try instead of my stubbies and they are Jim Dunlop Gels XHeavy. its like 1.50-2 mm which is good. SLight give but not much at all.
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1.5 mm jim dunlop purples and 1.mm jim dunlop blacks with grips.
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3mm is insane, my .96 is pretty solid as it is...
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I have loads of picks of varying gauges so I just use whatever I can find I like them to be at least over 1mm though.
.73 Tortexs or 1.0 Jazz Stubbys.

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1.14, you know the purple ones, made by dunlop, have a turtle on them. but i only use pics for chords and when it gets really repetitive (iron maiden)
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Depends on my string gauge.

1mm did it for 55 to 100 , but with 60 to 105 , I'm finding I need something a little thicker.