for the past few years all ive really wanted was a band. but it seems like no one plays drums around where i live.
but just recently me and my mate who plays bass had a jam and it was amazing. weve been playing together for nearly two weeks. on tuesday we were playing in a park when a crowd started building and at the end of it some guy came over and said he was from the local radio station and asked if we wanted to play.
we gave him our number but we werent convinced if he would ring back.
then this morning the main man off the rado statio called me and weve arranged to play live on the radio next week.

how cool is that. its my dream come true
That's brilliant- well done, man.

Get a recording of the show and post it up here.
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Cheers dude, post a recording, I really would like to hear this

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awesome, congratz man
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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you lucky son of a bitch........congrats.........****er
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wow crazy only guitar and bass and u got a gig nice job thats my dream to stupid kids with their not playing instruments. people around here only play guitar hero pick up a real guitar and jam with me and put down that piece of plastic !!!
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cool thanks everyone.
i'll post the mp3 when we do it.
were going down on monday morning

|________________________________________________| This lucky.

Congratz, and good luck with the show.
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