hokay so, tonight is my bands first (real) gig, battle of the bands's and self thrown shows don't count. I myself am the vocalist/keyboardist(only in some songs), were playing all originals that are all quite fun and we belive we have an extremly solid set to entertain with.

I'm a performer by nature but i still can't help feeling slightly awkward onstage and I was wondering if there were other frontmen out there that had any advice on how to move/act/dance?/entertain/talk and what in the world to do during the dueling solo's that last about ninty seconds of...every song. Thanks all.
Keep moving, walk around the stage a lot.

Switch between holding the mic and standing infront of the mic stand.

Be really gay with your band while they're playing. Touch them, maybe get off with a guitarist or something. (I guess this depends on your image and style though)

Talk to the crowd- tell them to move, tell them to dance.

You will be a better performer if you have a drink first- it will overcome the awkwardness.
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Try making a little joke between songs or something, during the solos, you could do a DLR thing and stare at the guy playing with a look of shock on your face

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Always be yourself...be friendly and talk with the crowd, but don't be someone you aren't....just do whatever you're comfortable with because if you're uncomfortable, it'll radiate off you and the crowd will become uncomfortable...bad juju!!!

Haha, so be yourself and have fun with it!

And Good luck!
What's the hardest part about playing keyboard in a band?

Telling your parents that you're gay.

So in all seriousness, just let go of the awkward feeling, and thrash around a bit. Just be confident in doing it. Also, try to get the audience involved ("Put your fists in the air!" "Lemme hear you scream!" etc.).
If the other memebers of the band have mics try to pre plan some funny funny jokes that you could go back and forth with between songs, nothing to cheesy, mabey a funny story of how the song was thought of/made/written/recorded/changed. Spontenaeity(sp?) is very usefull and sometimes yeilds great results, but also thinking of material ahead of time can help you get you out of an akward situation...if you happen to find yourself in one. A great example of this is Reel Big Fish's live album. Everything sounds completely made up on the spot, but they do it almost every show. Listen to that to get some good ideas...

Be confident.
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