Hey ppl. I was browsing the net and found a website with lots of guitars. The brand is Stenmore so I don't think they are originals, maybe just copies of famous brands. The shop is in the same country I live in but is a bit too far. I dont want to go for nothing maybe can you tell me how much these do cost (estimate) :

#1 - STSG300M

#2 - STFV10

#3 - STBG10
there's a 'contact us' tab on the menu of their site.
try clicking that and e-mailing them, that'd be much easier and accurate than someone on here telling you how much they cost.
The STBG10 would cost me 185 euros alone without no amp + strap, etc etc. Is it worth it? Do you think they will be playable?
for 180 euro i would suggest staying away from anything with a double locking trem, for that price it'll only be trouble,

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I contacted them. I think (dont know exactly) that it is a B.C Rich copy. It's a nice guitar but not good for a beginner like me. I am just starting maybe going to buy the BEHRINGER V Tone Package or the BEHRINGER El Toro Guitar Package. They seem good.
they'd be better for you IMO

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb