I have just bought a Boss OS-2 overdrive distortion, and I have a bit of a problem with it becoming incredibly thin irrelevant of whether its on overdrive or distortion.Is this expected or is there something I can do to thicken the sound?
i have that pedal as well. the only thing u can really do is take down the tone on ur guitar and/or the pedal, or get an eq pedal, it REALLY helps.
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I have a Cube Street amp (I can't remeber the model), if that helps. It prdouces the thin sound across a whole range of EQ, but it sounds tinniest with scooped mids or scooped basses. I think it is just gonna be a case of finiding the right tone on my guitar pickups. Thanks any way.
This pedal isn't very good. I have one.
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This pedal isn't very good. I have one.


I had one a while ago, wasn't overly impressed.

It's certainly not going to work well with the Cube, might be okay on the clean channel but the sound will probably go to crap as soon as you try to use any of the effects.

Best solution is to ditch it and buy an EQ pedal to use with the Cube's onboard distortion, that should work ok.
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