These are old, but still funny
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can't stand public showers
and yes i do have a small penis

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people in public showers make fun of my big dick

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i would if pee pee was bigger

"If Jimmy was forgotten my history, how do you know about him?"

Haha, one sentence ruins it all.

"And then came the indians, which my cousin tells me they run casinos and have a power level of 10,000"
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Everyone knows Tupac helped discover the New World under order from the president.

In the war of 1812, Osama Bin Laden declared Jihad on the West Coast and killed Tupac.

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You, you bring us both corm, and two hot russian gymnasts pretty much making out, you are a legend.

Limping Head Journalist and Proprietor of PitTown Cricket Club.

Keeping quiet about scandals since 2008.
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Walt Whitman died a lonely man in Walt Disney land. He was on the gondola ride and fell out because he wasn't fastened properly to the restraint. Thanks to his dumb ass, now none of it can ride it. Thanks a lot Walt Whitman.

I think this kid somehow survived natural selection