Poll: Which travel show is best?
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Anthony Bordains
6 75%
Andrew Zimmerns
2 25%
Voters: 8.
So, I love watching travel shows. Especially the ones that have to do with food.

Which one is your favorite Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern or No Reservations with Anthony Bordain.

I like No reservations a lot better because he doesn't try and go everywhere just trying the grossest foods. You get a wider variety of the culture of the places he visits.

And he is a badass.
Hmm, lately I've been liking No reservations, but Bizarre foods is awesome as well!

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Yeah, travel show as in travels over the world and shows different cultures and foods.
Never heard of them, but they're usually pretty interesting most weeks; I enjoy them.
I thought at first you mean shows like Wish You Were Here.

I used to hate that show; it was all like "Wish you were here!!"
Fuck off!
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I like watching those ones that are about giant homes, or food. Deadliest Catch and It Takes A Thief are on the Discovery channel right? If not those are the best on Travel.