Alright, so I had this conversation with some friends, and we were talking about how funny it would be if the Communion at church was Teddy Grahams. We slowly got on to the topic of the wine.

Two friends of mine said that when they went to church their wine came in tiny little cups, like Dixie Cups. I have never heard of this. When I go to church there is a goblet of wine, and the Eucharistic ministers wipe off the goblets in between sips.

How many of you have heard of, or been to a church where they use tiny cups in the Eucharist?
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I thought this thread meant 2 girls and 1 cup has lost funding and had to down size the operation...

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Doesn't that completely go against the symbolism of it?

They didn't have little cups at the last supper...
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At mine you can choose, either to drink out of the cup, or take a small plastic one. I usually take the small one.
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I went to donate to the sperm bank once, and saw a priest holding a specimen jar which is about the same size. Does that count?
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It's not a freakin goblet it's a Chalice.

It's a special goblet dammit. This is coming from someone who doesn't even believe in Christ.
Damn, I thought this thread was about tits...

but yeah, it tipicaly comes in a grail. I'm a recovering catholic, I would know
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They have hundreds of tiny goblets in the churches around here, and the priest pours it to everyone individually.

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Doesn't that completely go against the symbolism of it?

They didn't have little cups at the last supper...

Why would it?

It's still the same wine everyone is drinking, no matter how it's presented.
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Awww, I thought you were gonna talk about small boobs...

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When I used to attend church, the last time being about four years ago they offered both the single large cup and the chinese-checker platter with little cups.

What? It looks like a chinese checker board because there are those little slots for the cups like for the marbles...
At least that's what I always thought.
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MY old churchs uses little tiny glasses, it's like a sip and a half. They pass the around on platters and the bread also. You take one of each then all eat and the same time, then drink.
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