I got £100 pounds for my birthday, and I decided I need a new amp, see below sig.
I decided either a line 6 spider 3 and a boss distortion pedal,
or a vox ac15.
both add up to £100 pounds, I play mostly metal and rock.

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I can't see your sig (I have them disabled) but don't get the Spider. I presume you mean Vox AD15? You'd probably do better to save a bit more money and go used.
Do your best to sell the MG30, and get the Vox AD30VT.

Dont get the Line6

Terrible amps.
vox. theyre pretty good for not being full toob
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Yeah they're decent but I reckon one of the 'Cube' series would be better for your style of play.
whats wrong with the marshall MG? Seem okay to me.. anyway the Roland Cube seems a good bet if your dead set on buyin a new amp
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Dont go mentioning Line6 Amps to people on UG, its a fact that UG hate them! Lol I have a Line6 spider III 15, i'm pleased with it, suits my needs and i play Rock/Metal aswell so Yeah, I'd say the Line6
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...depends ... I sound sh*t nd i'm James Hetfield!

- This is why we Love Ultimate Guitar
Stagg GA R20 works rather well for me through a Zoom G2 multi-FX. Total cost: £90ish.
I've tried various other amps (Spider 3 15W, Roland microcube, an unknown Vox) and I prefer the tone of the stagg. Sure, it's not massively versatile, but I like what it can do a lot.

However, the amp's distortion is limited to say the least. I wouldn't consider playing directly through it.
line 6 are nice amps, everyone seems to hate them coz there too "digitalised" and stuff like that, but the truth is they are fairly good, built in effects aren't anything to shout about but still not that bad, and you wouldnt really need the pedal the amp models in themselves provide great distortion

but again the vox does produce a lovely warm tone and are also good

both are safe bets