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13 50%
6 23%
7 27%
Voters: 26.
What kind of band is it?
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^^^ what the 2 before me said
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me too but still, the first sounds very bad, unless you are some sort of noise punk, the second is just..... and the third is so emo that I can not express how much it annoys me
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I voted the second one, because the first isn't what a successful band would be called, it'd be a bit of an oxymoron no? And the 3rd is so emo i think it might actually make me throw up.
Dude, Wasted Talent would be a good band name- I suppose only if the band had attitude, nothing mainstream
Of the three, Wasted Talent is probably the best name.
Penthouse, as well as being the name of a porn magazine, were an 80s glam band who looked a little like Motley Crue, neither of which are things you'd necesarily want to be associated with.
Suicide on the Frontlines doesn't have that catchy hook that a band name needs. A long name also means the lettering for it will be smaller on any posters advertising you, making the poster less effective.
wasted talent makes me think of punk rockers
penthouse makes me think of sleaze rock
suicide on the frontlines just puts me off a bit.

if i had the choice...

wasted talent.