Hi all. I thought that while i was building my new guitar it would be cool to let you guys see the constrcution process. So here goes:

Obeche 2 piece body
25 1/2 scale legnth
24 Frets
EMG 81 in the bridge
Wilkinson Tuners
The neck was bought pre made but im pretty sure its maple with a rosewood fret board
It has a locking top nut, i know that my guitar will not have micro-tuners but the neck came with it and it seems like a lot of effort to change it so i wont lock the strings. Im hoping that the tension wont be affected

Right, on to the pics. No major progress yet due to a shipping error im still waiting on the body blank.

Template cut, i still havn't decided on i final placement for everything yet so the only thing thats of any use on this is the neck pocket at the top and the scale length line.

The neck with the tuners and nut on, this is the only thing that i have been able to do due to the lack of wood!

All the hardware delivered. All from Axesrus brilliant little company, free shipping in the UK aswell!

The 81! got this for my birthday, YAY!

A little mock up, need to have a little fiddle with the knob placement, just to get it exactly where i need it

Close-up of the body.

So, thats all for now. Just have to wait for the wood so i can make a proper start on this thing! I will keep you all updated. Enjoy!

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What kind of bridge is that?
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Be careful with those pointy things on the inside. Maybe you need to shorten them, I can imagine them being pretty fragile like that. I like the design, could have been longer and more in a V-shape to be honest, but it's cool. Good luck with the build.
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Seems like a decent build. What colors are you going for? good luck and have fun!
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+1 bigger V shape

+1 smoother pointy things

Support your local luthier!

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them pointy things might be highly breakable / leg cut off able id round them off/ make them thicker or make it a normal v but that would be boring
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+1 bigger V shape

+1 smoother pointy things

And put a neck pickup in there for god's sake.
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Looks cool, the only thing I would add is that you should consider how you're going to play it sitting down. Can your leg fit inside the V so that you can play it classically?

Just something to consider, should be a cool build!
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Ooooh that is yummy.

Kinda looks like Corey from Trivium's sig guitar.

Very nice though liking the EMG box too
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thanks for all the responeses guys

@ Kurapica, no my leg doesnt fit in, so its a stand up guitar only. i have thought about shortening those inside spikes but it doesnt look as mean!

I have decided to go with a red finish with black edges (someone mentioned corey's guitar!)

And the neck i bought off eBay about 2 years ago i paid about about £45. It was a pretty good deal!

Any way keep your eye out more updates soon!