Evening all

I've had a song on my pc for some time and just wanted to put it out there to be heard! It's heavily influenced by my favourite guitarist Andy Mckee and all those other acoustic wizards!

The ending solo isnt great by any means, was a one take effort and I've kind of ran out of ideas for the song so that's why the end of the song is a bit awful!

It's on my profile (http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/nagirrab/) and its called 'West Lake' after the Chinese takeaway that I've spent far too much money at.

Crit 4 Crit as always

hey im loving that song!
i always secretly wished that there would be vocals in some parts of andy mckees songs
but no, this is awesome too !
and when i get around to posting the song that i have been working on than there will be something to crit.