im getting a really bad string buzz/rattle on my low E, A and D strings but its not coming through my amp, i only hear it wen my guitar isnt plugged in.
iv adjusted the truss rod and action many times but its not fixed it.
if you don't hear it through the amp then what's the problem, i doubt you play your electric acousicaly
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try changing strings and raising the action a little. What guitar is it?
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Electric - you plug it into a power outlet in the wall and the music comes from little speakers in the guitar.

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its an epiphone les paul standard only about a year old
and sumtimes i play it without plugging it in late at night
A little bit of fret buzz is alright - Provided it's not audible through the amp. Try to pick more parallel to the body so the string vibrates more horizontally then vertically
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