Ive Been Tryna Buy A New Bass 4 A while Now But I dont know Wer to Start Ive Got A Peavey And A Fender But I feel As If Im Using Them Too Much And I might Put To Much Stress On them So Im looking 4 A good Cheap Bass To Play around With And To lug Around Any Suggestions?
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And you can't really put tooo much stress on a bass, but I would recommend a Squier VM Jazz bass as there very good bass' for the price.

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I Suggest a Squier Bcuz Its Cheep and COmmon To Find So You Can Tri It Out B4 U Bye It. Plus There Reliable And Unbr8kable And For The Most Part Relyeable
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Unfortuneatly i think the only answer is the pete wentz. His sig bass is supposed to be light weight and durable and it will have slightly better pickups coz its a sig. Unfortuneatly you will have to bear the shame of it being pete wentz.
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I've been trying to buy a new bass for a while now, but I don't know where to start. I've got a Peavey and a Fender but I feel as if I'm using them too much and I might put too much stress on them. I'm looking for a good cheap bass to play around with and to lug around. Any suggestions?

How can you use a bass too much?
And if you have a Fender, why buy a cheap one?

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Go with a Standard Squire - Maybe a P-Bass special (with both P and a J-pickups on it) - cheap, cheerful. Sounds good, and you aren't gonna feel ashamed of it getting a few dents and knocks
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A Squier or SX is what you're looking for.
Or maybe a rogue or something if you want a 6 string.
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