hey, i hav an xplorer with an 85 in the bridge and a 60 in th neck and i wana swap them round. giv yer opinions on that first.

i got th pikups fitted by professionals but i dont wana blow more muny doing this.
iv herd its reli easy 2 swap EMGs but i dont want 2 screw up so cood sum1 giv me a quik runthrough of wot i need 2 do?

Learn to spell first.

And google it.
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first of all, learn grammar
and your spelling is terrible...
that will make it much easier for us to understand you

i don't even think what you're doing will sound very good
but all you do is desolder them, switch them around and solder them back on.
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you mean you want to play the 85 in the neck and the 60 in the bridge? why?
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why? arent they designed to be the other way?
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i fink yooh shood lern 2 spell propa so th4t we can undastands wut u iz sayin den we mite be able 2 elp ya
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They're designed to be in the places they're in. It'll probably sound like crap if you switch them.
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If you really want to switch them all you have to do is unscrew the pickup rings and pull the pickups out. EMGs are made ith a wiring harness so you can swap them without resoldering anything. Just unplug the harness, swap the rings, reconnect the harness, and put them back in.
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right if they have the quik-connect cable (yes its spelt like that) then you can just unplugged them and swap them out easy as pie, if not just cut the wires and re-soulder them onto the other cable not hard dude....
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^the last two posts are spot on correct
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arent they both neck pup's?

yeah they have quik-connect cables, just remove and swap round, though TBH when i tried my 60 in my bridge, it sounded horrible....

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