Hey guys, started a new band with some mates of mine (because my old band wasn't working out) and we've started up a MySpace and recorded our first song, and almost finished recording our second. There's no vocals as our vocalist wasn't able to make the sessions, so we'll have to re order the songs to fit in with the vocals, which should be sorted out (hopefully) within the next week.

Anyways, just wondering if you guys wanted to check it out, maybe give us an add?

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Just listening to demo 3. Starts off well, nice tasty guitar work. Definately sounds like a demo as its a little rough round the edges, but I like it. Vocals would bring it on a step too, so you should get them added. That's my favourite out of the 3 too, the others are good, especially like the pinch harmonics slid into demo 2.

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