Some of my recording hardware (namely my recording mics and my recording interface) and I need to get some stuff recorded ASAP, so what I need is a speaker simulator and something that can emulate a microphone and mic preamp, I'm running Windows and would prefer they be VST, but I work with DX plugs if necessary, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A slightly confusing post...

Some of my recording software (namely my recording mics and my recording interface)
- the mics and interface are HARDWARE not software but I'm going to guess what you're after.

You also haven't said what you're trying to record. That greatly affects your choice of plug-in, but seeing as you're on the UG forum I am going to assume you mean to record a guitar.

Sequencer: Steinberg's "Cubase SX " (I use this and love it); Adobe Audition (I don't like using this as a sequencer, but for editing audio it is a very useful tool.

Plug-in: Native Instrument's Guitar Rig (This is awesome, it has loads of cool presets, amp & mic simulators (including mic positioning) and tons of effects. This is a VST, DX and stand-alone plugin.

I also found this (1st result on google): http://www.mcrow.net/Preamp%20Emulator%20VST.htm

Hope this is useful to you.
I have sonar for sequencing, and DI box for my amp, so all I really need is a speaker emulater and not a whole amp/effects emulator like guitar rig, but if i can't find a simple speaker emulator I may try that.

The preamp emulator sounds good though, thanks.
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what is the best wa to get music that u and ur band made onto the computer? (best quality)

Best quality? Go to a pro studio. Not what you wanted to hear, but the truth.

Next best quality? What is your budget? What are you recording, exactly? What do you want to do with the recording when you're done with it? These questions are important before anyone can tell you what your next best bet is.

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