Just wondering how long UGers play guitar in a typical day wether it be alone or jaming with some budies

me I play all day off and on practicing diferent stuff
but when im with my freind who plays guitar we usualy go with 6 hour intervals making up songs
the time seems to fly when jammn
On and off all day, so I'd say around 10-12 hours on an average day.
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I'm on vacation right now, so I may only strum my acoustic I brought for 2 hours. When I'm at home though I play all day.
Normal school day about 4 hours.....weekends probably about 12. Normal summer vacation day at least 6 hours, and weekedns still about 12.

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Not as often as I should.

Maybe 3-4 hours a day.
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About an hour each day. Sometimes I go nuts and play 12 hours in 1 day, but that doesn't happen often.
I just sit with my guitar when I'm at home and talk to ppl on msn/ultimate-guitar forums

Today was crazy though, had two girls over after our exam, they kept making me learn/play songs all day, they finally left about 10 minutes ago, I'm not complaining though, I got some from one of them earlier if you know what I mean
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i play pretty much all day
i always have my guitar in my hands....

i stop for maybe 15 mins to eat.....
i play for as long as i can be bothered to, generaly half an hour, then i stop, then i get bored and play again and so on...
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On and off all day, so I'd say around 10-12 hours on an average day.

damn dude get a life
I usually practice maybe 4 hours a day on and off... so I'll play for maybe 30 minutes here, an hour there... and it usually goes on like that for a while. I'm not necessarily sure whether or not this is a good practice routine, but it works for me.
today has probably been about 4 hours, and there will probably be another hour done...
so on average at least 5 hours a day
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i play bass about an hour a day if that. i don't have time over the summer, hanging out with friends all day and everything. I also don't really have anything to practice anymore. I've learned all the songs i ever wanted to learn and i' pretty good at each technique. I know a little bit of theery but i can jam and improvise just fine without it so i don't feel liek studying theory. i mostly just noodle around now and write stuff.
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much longer than i intend on doing. lol.
up to a few hours straight.
usually not much more than 2 or 3 hours. I have a job.
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I play around 3 hours or so, but it's not enough - if I played 24/7 it still wouldn't be enough.
I play guitar for 10 hours a day i get no ****in sleep i just go to school come home play guitar then do homework at 9 then play guitar all night long
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damn dude get a life

Wow, I never did come back to this thread, so I missed this.

I go out all the time, and there's always a guitar where ever I am, and I did say on and off, I'm not constantly playing, can't be arsed explaining more than that, I've lost all will to type.

For the record, I actually do suck at guitar.
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7 normally, if I have nothing else to do or I'm having a good day though I normally play anywhere between 9-12 hours
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around 3 hours on weekdays when I'm alone, but on weekends with friends 6+ hours easily

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about and hour and a half.

That's why I'm still noob-ish.
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all night friday and saturday

about 3 hours on other days

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It varies. Most of the time it is at least an hour a day, but it is a lot more if I am with somebody, or have new gear.

The fact that I don't have an amp to use right now makes me play it less, but once I get my JCM 900 I will probably play a lot more. The fact that I am not going to have to plug my pedals in also makes me more likely to play, I can just plug right into the amp and shred away.
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I actually havnt played for 3 weeks now. Yesterday I played for half an hour but that was it. I normally play it for 2 hours.
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i only play when im depressed. but thats a fair bit, 6 hours some days, no guitar at all some days

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about and hour and a half.

That's why I'm still noob-ish.

It's not about how long you play. It's about how you practice. An hour and a half is plenty of time for practice. Most of the people on this board probably just noodle around rather than have a strict practice regimen anyways.

Today, I played for about an hour. I think so far this month, I've played a total of two hours. The last time I played though was probably the best blues jam session I've ever had in all of my years of guitar playing.