ok im not sure if there are many threads out there askin this question and i may sound confusing but here we go.....
Ive been looking into the possibility of fitting a kaoss pad to my cheapy strat copy (rather than my tanglewood ) but heres the question....the X-Y pad that has to be installed in the guitar is it taken off the kaoss pad itself or is sold with the pad or do you need to buy it completely seperate and im guessin itd be better to see if my local shop can install it for me rather than me cracking the guitar from drilling.
cheers if ya can give me any help whatsoever
IIRC, putting an X-Y pad into the guitar would be more trouble than it's worth, as you would need to attach a midi cable as well. Unless you want to fit the whole KP into your guitar, it's not really practical. In fact, neither way is practical. Go ask Manson
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I think you can remove the touch pad from the Kaoss pad and mount that. That's a KP-2 though so if you have a KP-3 so it may be different. There is a very useful tutorial if you search it on google with step by step instruction and i think he uses the KP touch pad.