I don't quite know what genre it would fall under. Sometimes I feel like i describe everything i write as "epic," but I guess thats what I try to write. The vocal melody is incomplete - I only have it for the verse so far.

How's the format? Does everything flow together well? Do I need better transitions in any sections? I think the seocnd bridge (the one marked bridge?) is unnecessary, and I may take it out entirely and build a different song from it.

Anyways, what do you think?

EDIT: Modified it - finished the vocal melodies for the entire song, extended the 2nd solo, removed the bridge? section, and otherwise tried to make it a little more interesting. All in the new zip.
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Critting as I'm listening.

Intro sounds haunting, real nice, though I could've sworn I've heard something similar somewhere. Could just be me, though, it's 3:30 in the morning and I'm sleepy lol .

To be honest, the next few parts were a bit bland. It's not bad, just that you need to make the melodies stand out more. Right now it felt kinda lacking and left something to be desired. Btw, nice effect at the pre-chorus. I thought my GP lagged ! Chorus was fun, but again, you need melodies there. And preferably a memorable vocal line.

The next riff was good, and the piano bit was great and melodic. The piano solo, though felt more like an interlude, was great. Some mood change there, kept the song from being repetitive. Guitar solo was rather simple but effective, though I think the lead should continue to the chorus.

Everything up until the bridge was good, though nothing outstanding, but then the solo sounded real great. But after that, the chorus just felt meh, it couldn't maintain the tension that the solo built up.

The bridge? section was good, it felt different than the rest of the song, giving it a bit of contrast. Though, if you wanna keep it, you need to develop it more! Otherwise, it felt a bit disconnected. Outro was great.

Okay, all in all, I like how this song progress from part to part. The transition is already great as it is, and it sure flowed nicely. BUT, to be perfectly honest, nothing was really memorable, and not one part was really mind-blowing. Problem is, the melodies aren't really articulated well, and though you have a great idea here, the melodies (or lack thereof) dragged the song down. You need to make the melody stand out more, as it is really important for a song like this. Okay, so that's that from me .

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The intro was absolutely awesome. And the first riff is pretty cool too. But the problem I find was, I dont think the Verse and Chorus did a good job of upholding the eerie undertone of the beginning. Everything worked well though, and flowed well. The solos were really good, but again, the Chorus didnt work for the atmosphere. And the bridge section was good, but needed some work. The second guitar solo was also good.

The outro was probably my favorite part, it works amazingly well. And once everything comes in, it sounds quite epic.
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A damn good set of ideas, for sure, but I feel that it doesn't really lend itself well to the epic frame you've built around it. A couple of choruses too many, maybe? I don't know.

Anyways, there are quite a few things I DO like; the pre-choruses and outro are wonderful, and the solos bring to mind some classics from the Metallica school of guitar heroics. I kinda liked the "riff" sections, apart from some weird drum choices.
Verses weren't very inspiring, but would work with some more catchy rhythms, as has been said above. And the piano solo started off well, but descended into a pretty repetitive rhythmic idea. But that chromatic thing you did won me over .

All in all, it's got a lot of good things going for it, but it's sheer length means that a lot of the icky bits become more prominent than you'd probably like.

I give it a sweeping 7/10