As you're listening you don't know how to react
you want to smile, even laugh without disrepect

You feel out of there, you don't listen to any words
You try to laugh at things, to keep it away
You don't know what you're laughing at. And you stop.

You're by yourself, set as to away.
people as to help you can't think.
You got 4 or 5 thing or maybe more
on your mind, you're out of there.

You're friends say that it must be chronic
but you're heads out of the clouds
and eyes aren't red or even glazed

You don't know who to trust
the people you know, what do they want?
are they gonna hang around
or split off and run.

Just wrote that little bit by myself. To set the music, it's a soft summers evening, sunset to be infact. Theres a few chords from a guitar. Some slight lead guitar on really low which has been reversed to give out a pyschadhelic tone. The voice has gone in the music, not ontop to cause any "disrespect". This is a voice. Not singing.

This might be blabber.
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