Hey guys. My bands name is Celestial Transcendence. Were trying to mix european shred/ power metal stuff in with American aggression and speed. There's alot of shredding and cool harmonies going on so im sure you guys might dig it.


I also have a youtube with all of my songs, I do mostly epic power metal shred type stuff, check it out!

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Thats some br00tal metal right there.
Im adding!
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The Necropeadophile lyrics are great. It has such a bouncy rhythm, like a twisted nursery rhyme.
New song called "Frigid Vigor" Is now up! Along with new song "anathema" which was uploaded today!
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Brand new stuff from our self titled and recorded EP. Been on a few metal online radio stations so far. Check it out for some dual harmony assault br00tal ness! haha