I've heard some NAMM clips. Sounds better than a Spider Valve IMHO. As good as a Switchblade though? Probably not.
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I don't think it's better than the switchblade.
They have very little in common.
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Switchblades are pretty damn awesome (i tried an Epi SG Special through them) and it sounded awesome.

The music dealer near me says they do excellent imitations for a modeler amp, and reckoned its as good as a Peavey Bandit which i thought was great
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I love switchblades! But I very much doubt that, that combo will match/beat a H&K Switchblade in terms of tone/gain and overall quality...

I'm not knocking the Peavey down by any means, as I have not played it... But my opinion based on what I have seen come out of both companies.

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