So I have this guitar teacher. Absolutely amazing player, he can just fly around the fretboard in 32nds, and still keep it jazzy, or bluesy, or whatever he's playing. He knows tons of theory, and is a great teacher too (lots of people say a great player isn't always a great teacher). He doesn't have planned lessons, I just ask him questions, he answers, and shows me an example. We do a lot of different jams.
So last week he gave me the Evil Ways-Santana chord proggression. Now, I don't know lots of dorian solo's off hand, so I learned Carlo's solo by ear to give me a starting point. Thats how it started, since then I've learned two of Slash's velvet revolver solo's, part of Texas Flood, and part of the Sunshine of my love solo all by ear. I found that all of this found its way into my phrasing when I jammed to a track later, and I like it. I just got out of a rut with my playing, and that helped my improv too.
All I need my teacher for is theory, which I'm kind of reluctant about, and to ask questions and jam. I could just ask UG, and make backing tracks, and there, no more $20 a half hour teacher. So if I'm improving without his help, and I could continue, should I just drop him? He is a good teacher.
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nah, your teacher is going to be better than UG for learning, I really would not advise dropping lessons until you are really amazing

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You pay $20 for this guy that doesn't even have planned lessons? Wow.
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I'd start asking him to teach you more techniques. Ask him for something to practice, and if he has nothing to show you except how to play fast, then I don't think you need him. Playing fast is not in the hands of the teacher, but in the discipline of the student. If you have enough drive to push yourself to learn what you want, then I don't think he is necessary for your progress.

Now, if you want to learn more theory, then you should stay with him. Spend more lessons on learning new chords, how they are made, and when to use them in the proper context. Ask him for some new scales you've never seen before. Learn as much theory as you can from him before you drop his lessons.
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