Hello, see...on a band myspace, if you have (for example) a picture from photobucket on your profile in 'about me' or 'influences', what can you do make it not link to photobucket? Whenever i hover over the picture it links me, ive seen people have it so the image displayed looks embedded in the profile...

So yeah, if anyone understands that please help because its a nuisance
If you go into the formatting code for your profile in the about me section, you will find the codes for the pictures.

They will look like this

<a href="link to photobucket"><img src="actual image"></a>

Keep the bit that's in bold, and it will embed the picture.

I'm not sure if photobucket does this, but some hosting sites give a hover message, so when you hover it will bring up a little box saying 'hosted by whatever site'. I'm not sure what the code for this looks like, but just like before, just keep the bold bit.
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