hey there everyone. well first up we are located in New Hampshire but i have no issue traveling to mass for the right person.

I am 21 (almost 22) and am the singer/guitarist of the band. I've toured, been on a signed band and have a stage presence that's pretty hard to beat in the area. (not being cocky with this, just saying as the band i used to play in, played with just about everyone). I've got pro gear (mesa dual rec, hughes and kettner triamp, marshall 4x12, esp eclipse, esp xtone, fender telecaster thinline, x2 wireless).
(other quick stats as image is very important these days, i've got long black hair, about 5' - 9", 140 pounds and am becoming a vegetarian)

our drummer is 19, has a dw collectors edition birch kit, lots of experience playing out and has a killer stage presence. also has a few studio connections and is a monster behind a kit.
(i'd guess about 5'-10" - 130 lbs, medium length bleached hair)

our influences include: anti-flag, afi, the academy is, amen, bad religion, the unseen, marilyn manson, the misfits, trashlight vision, murderdolls, etc.

so we are looking for a bassist (19-28). must have semi-pro or better gear (understand you'll be competing for a place in mix against two 100 watt heads) must be professional minded, have a good attitude, be confident in their playing and have a confident and energetic stage presence. no drama please as well. and as explained earlier image is quite important so please look the part. we have a lot of great innovative ideas and have contacts for shows and to hopefully get touring asap.

message me if interested.

Andrew X