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well... the title pretty explains it, post ur fav tuning, y, and a couple awesome songs played in it

i'm trying to learn some new stuff and expand my horizons..mainly into blues and some heavier stuff..but any cool sounding songs will help
For acoustic, DADGAD is really fun to mess around in.
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this exact thread was done earlier today.
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standard e for the obvious reasons of greatness. there is a reason its called "standard"...
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This should go in the electric guitar forum.

But anyways:
Standard tuning and drop d, just because the majority of songs is written in those tunings.
Open G
Oh, and DADGBD is fun also.
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standard, because im too lazy to change the tuning.
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drop c, its lower and heavier sounding then standard, drop d, and d standard, and can do powerchords easily. its also not too low so its like your playing a bass. anything as i lay dying and bullet for my valentine is good.
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Hey Im Looking For Some Tech Death Metal In D

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try anything form avenged sevenfold

Standard Tuning.

I play blues and classic rock.

Nuff said.
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I like tuning down half a step, you can do just about anything as with standard tuning since I hardly ever use my last fret but I often like to throw in an open string or two while playing a little higher up and catch people of guard since you don't really hear that alot.
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You have play a D or C in that tuning....
My acoustic sounded like it had a built in chorus.
I usually play in G#, but that's because I have a 7-string that I put in dropped C#.

it5 b400t4lz lik3 lolz!!!1!
Eb. I use it for everything. Feels better than standard, and that half note actually opens some mid-range.
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Drop A#, don't ask me how I acheive this, because I'm not telling.

Thats lower than my alpha tuning....
Thats tuning e down 3 whole steps lol to get A#
half step down.
it's cool for thrash and 80s metal
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Open G to mess around is funny.

I Used to play a lot of, Half-Step Down, because it's easier to get bigger bends...
E for acoustic and for distortion either Drop Db or Drop C
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C standard.

That's D standard a step down folks.

If you tune that way check out some Arch Enemy, and one of Dream Theater's albums is written in that.....but I cant remember the name........

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Eb or standard.

I leave a guitar in Eb in case I want to sing, I have a pretty limited vocal range.

Also, rather than retuning, a quick alternative is to just slap a capo onto the first fret of a guitar tuned to Eb. Insta-standard!
G# standard for my bass
Open C major or Open Dminor for my electric/acoustic
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C standard.

That's D standard a step down folks.

If you tune that way check out some Arch Enemy, and one of Dream Theater's albums is written in that.....but I cant remember the name........

Most of "Train of Thought"
drop d i like cuz apart from standard i dunno how to tune any of the others
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Half step down, cause a lot of SRV songs are in it, and I love to play 'em
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drop A cause its br00t4l
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half step down,, sounds cooler for acoustic ,, and strings become easier to press, so u play better


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I keep 1 bass in DADG
and 1 guitar in DADGBE

Drop B on the guitar is sometimes fun
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Standard because I can't be arsed to keep changing my tuning. Is that the exciting and riveting answer you were hoping for?

the exact answer i was looking for, thanx
Probably Eb.
Why? Dunno, just sounds better to me, and i enjoy it probably cos the strings are looser so its easier to play
Drop C, because the looser strings just make it such a joy to play and you can create amazingly heavy riffs. Hand Of Blood by Bullet For My Valentine is also an extremely fun song to play and it's in Drop C.
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And to answer your question I always stay in standard, because I have this stupid floating trem on my guitar and I'm too lazy to change it. Besides that most songs I play can be converted to standard without too much hassle. Given the choice though I'd stick with Drop D, simply because of the vast range of songs written in it.
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Standard e. Drop D comes in at 2nd.
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G# D# G# C# F A#
i love low drop-tunings.
not in a death-metal or hardcore way. just for ambience.

B F# B E A B
same with the other one. i use this one though, in an open-tuning style playing.
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