A medley of some of my favourite thrash riffs, see if you can recognize them
I recorded it with my 10 € computer mic straight into audacity. I used my Marshall jcm with a distortion pedal (sacrilege I know, but I cant get enough distortion out of it without cranking it, which is out of the question since it's 100 watt (although its professionally modded to switch to 25 watt, BUT my ears would still start to bleed with the master volume at around 5), and my attenuator hasn't arrived yet.
I know some riffs are pretty sloppy, I just recorded them pretty quickly and I didn't really bother to record the riffs until they sounded perfect.
Thanks for checking it out, any comments are appreciated.

The medley can be found on my profile.

(If someone wonders, I've been playing electric guitar for roughly 1 ½ years).
South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Angel of Death, Master of Puppets... And I'm positive I've heard some of the other riffs before, just can't remember the names.

Good stuff.