How is the Digitech rp350. The local store only sells Digitech multieffect pedals around here and its not to bad of a price. I believe it was 200 no tax or 215 I can't remember. How is that pedal. Would you recommend it. I like to try and play Dream Theater and things that are similar in style. I also play a lot of arpeggios and scales...

Meh. Not bad, not great. Look for a used Boss GT-6. Better amp models and better effects and not much more than that Digitech.

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i own one. i like it more than i thought i would. the only problem is that you can't operate everything seperately, you have to completely switch the preset ( i recommend making a backbone preset, copy it, then add whatever effects you want to the copied ones). the effects are pretty good and the amp models are ok bust could be better. i would recommend it, great bang for your buck

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Quote by Myung'sMusicman
Thanks anyone else heard anything. I had one a while back and it wasn't to good. That's why I was asking about this one. But anyone else hear anything

you had one a while back - which one?
i hear the older ones are not that good.
i must say i was pretty impressed with the AudioDNA2- 24bit codec they use.
is it better than seperate pedals - no
is it better than the Boss GT 6 or 8 - prolly not
is it a good pedal for $200 - yes

i have the RP250 and don't i don't think advantages of the 350 are worth it but hey...go try it out along with some other stuff.

the features i like about this pedal is the headphone jack, USB, analog bypass, tuner, and of course the X-Edit software which make tweaking a hell of lot easier.

use the User Settings, hook up to PC, find a preset you like and start turning things on and off until you get the desired result using the software. Without the software i would be pretty frustrated.

i'm in a phase of moving into seperate pedals but this thing was hard to beat for $150. i think i just wrote a fair assessment.
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