Whenever i have ever had my guitar put through a DI or my amp mic'd, there is always this horrible distortion on the signal. I run my guitar through a gt-8, and use my MG50 as just a speaker, but all the other guitarists i have ever played with have had the same problem. Playing straight through the amp sounds amazing, but when it goes through a mixer it gets this grainy distortion, like recording through a really crappy soundcard on a 1/8th cable. Thanks for your help.
friend of mine had a weird flanger sound coming in after like 20 seconds. His Sound card was good enough though
You might just have your levels too high, causing the recording to clip.
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I'm actually not recording, i just don't know where else to put this thread. In live situations this occurs. The question would be "Does anyone know why i get this distortion? Is there any way to fix this?". Sorry, thats 2
faulty cable(s) maybe?..maybe your microphone or mixer is screwed. Or a bad channel on the mixer.
Turn the gain down for that channel on your mixer. Try a different channel on the mixer. If you're micing make sure it's not clipping as well. What type of DI box are you using is it active or passive?
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