Is there any sign of him using a whammy pedal in this song ?

During some of the rhythm sections i was wondering if he was using a whammy pedal to get the higher pitched bends.

any opinions ?
No he's using pinch harmonics I think.
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Quote by HeliuM
No he's using pinch harmonics I think.

yeah i knew that part. but i cant get it to sound anywhere near the studio version. Maybe i just need to practice more.
Quote by HeliuM
No he's using pinch harmonics I think.

It's purely pinch harmonics. An EVH signature technique.
maybe its your pickups haha... my pickups suck i can never get good pinch harmonics =(
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I'm pretty sure you mean the second fill, for that he bends the 7th fret G string and pinches it very close to the bridge.

TIDE: Deville might have it, switch to treble pick up, and crank up it up to 11.
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