Ok, so I have finally found a way to learn the fretboard that I like, so Im gonna take advantage of this method. I was planning on creating my own scales and stuff for practice, and I was wondering where to start. Should I create like major scales first and practice them in different positions, or should I start with some other scales first? Any tips?
the major scale is the basis of all (western) music theory. learn it.
Well, I know how to read and stuff, but Im not great at key signatures. I also know how to make scales and chords on my own. I was checking what scales to learn first.
you can't invent your own scales or chords, they all already exist, no matter what it is you play.

So unless you mean to delve into Eastern music with tones in between our regular accepted ones, then just learn some major and harmonic minor scales. They are the best to begin with.
Ya, but Im not trying to invent a scale or chord. That would be awesome though if it worked that way. I was talking about making them with like the formulas like wwhwwwh kinda thing.
Ok before I get on the wrong track, I just made these with the whole wwhwwwh thing. Are these correct for major scales?

A- A B C# D E F# G# A
B- B C# D# E F# G# A# B
C- C D E F G A B C
D- D E F# G A B C# D
E- E F# G# A B C# D# E
F- F G A A# C D E F
G- G A B C D E F# G

Correct me if Im wrong.

Also, some random, and most likely stupid questions...
Are notes with sharps still major scales. Ex. A# scale C# scale (are these major scales?)

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just start with the modes of the major scale

No, don't go near them for a long time.

TS, learn the major scale and it's intervals first, then spend a good deal of time working with it.

You won't be creating your own scales as every scale you can think of has been done before and had some sort of name attached to it. Playing scales is boring anyway, as is learning scales for scales sake. The important thing to focus on is learning how to use scales, so construct exercises and licks from them or simply mix up the order as opposed to just playing them straight up and down.

Don't lose sight of what scales are, they're not something people want to hear but they are a tool to help you make music...they're musical, but not music.
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