I recently picked up the special edition of Opeth's Still Life. I can hear the production differences on the DVD even through headphones, but I want to compare the DVD audio as an mp3 to the mp3's I already have.

So, I want a DVD audio ripper. It needs to be free, even better if it's open source. I've looked around on Google, but the ones I've found all seem kinda fishy.
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It's an awesome program. Hopefully you have the .avi file of the movie. If not, convert the DVD to AVI on your comp, and then convert the .avi to mp3.

Can it convert it to an mp3 straight from the disc? I'd prefer to do it that way if possible.
That's what I'm not sure about. You may have to find a program to convert a DVD to AVI, then do AVI to MP3. I've never converted a DVD though
Take the video files off of the DVD and put them in the audio section of windows movie maker.
Exports as wma though, so find a wma mp3 converter
Get audacity. Turn off AIM. Set to "Record Output". Click record button. Start section of audio you want. When audio is finished stop recording. Trim silence of beginning and end. Export in good quality MP3 (might need the lame file, but that can be found on their website.)

Listen and enjoy without going through way too much trouble.

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