Is there really such a thing as "breaking-in" a guitar? I was playing my Schecter Hellraiser (I've had this for about six months), and it plays fine, but it just doesn't feel "right". Then I went to play my other Schecter (a C-1 plus) which I've had for almost two years, and that guitar felt perfect. So I'm wondering if I just have to play my Hellraiser more and "break it in" so to speak, or If I should pay to have it set up and adjusted. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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you gotta get used to the action and stuff all guitars are different and you will have prefrences just go with what ever feels right
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When I got my EC I was the same way. Then I became attached to that and couldn't play my Jackson, but since the EC is in the shop I've only been playing my Jackson, so I fear the worst.
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I've heard of this applying more to breaking in the wood used on acoustic guitars, rather than electric guitars.
Yhea there is a thing called breaking in, I found it VERY weird going from an SG to a Stratocaster, didn't take me more than a week though to break in completely. And boy I love my Strat.
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I think people turn their noses up at that idea but when they play a different guitar for a while they soon realise what people are on about. Whether it's breaking in or just getting used to it I don't know, but there's definitely a period of it feeling weird.
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I don't think it'd be unreasonable to say it's a little of both
Definitely. I played my first show with my Jaguar. and i was used to my strat, which feels very very different. from the finish at the back of the neck to the scale length. I played wierd that night, but the Jaguar's my #1 now. and still even when i've went through 2 more guitars after the Jaguar.

However, regular playing with all your guitars will get you to be used to all your guitars. i can now play all 3 of my guitars with ease.
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