Sooo my boards almost full . what are your thoughts as to what i should use to fill in that one last spot i have open. im also looking for a wah to throw in front of that vp junior, preferably a true bypass one or one that doesnt suck as much tone as a crybaby, i was thinking crybaby classic but im not sure if thats a true bypass, it seems up in the air as to what ive read. I dont really want a chorus either, i have a ch-1 but i took it off cause i wasnt really feeling it.

Alsoooo, im running it all with an american strat and a blues junior, anddd price range, i'd say i could afford up to 400-500 bucks. Thanks!
Maybe a phaser, like a Phase 90 or a Small Stone. As for a wah, since you can afford up to $500, maybe an RMC or Teese wah. If you dont wanna go that high-end, a Vox Clyde McCoy would work well.

EDIT: I think a Holy Grail Plus or Holier Grail would work well.
Perhaps a compressor?
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