Hello there!

I'm Arun - im 16 and am sick of my area - with hardly anyone that likes the same music as me, and those that do, tend to be poser fucks that know fuck all about being passionate about their music, i NEED a release!

That's where i thought about a band. I can play Rhythm Guitar, and have been playing for 2 years. I can also kinda sing/scream (Flynn style) - but i cant do both at the same time. So whichever one works out best would be cool.

But as for the band i intend on forming, i don't really mind as long as it consists of, the heavy grace of a metal band and the melodic stature of a Hard Rock band: Machine Head, Metallica, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Velvet Revolver, Stone Sour, Foo Fighters etc. As long as it ends up being meaningful to someone/anyone/everyone.

I live in Heston, but am willing to travel. If you wish to aid me in my attempt to form a highly successful band then PM me or add me: arrow666_@hotmail.com (dont be fooled - i HATE that number, just liked the Omen when i was younger lol)

sorry, i don't.... i'll try and get some up soon...
loving what you got goin on with your band, though!