is a CHEAP guitar case even possible? I have look but everything is 80 and above

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80 is cheap...... for a new one
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i know i want a hard case for muh guitar
so i can take to jazz band at school
without being worried
cause gig bags are not very protective

its ironic that they call em gig bags
cause i would rather take a case to
one of my gigs
get a gator case, just the standard one, it's worth it, thats what me and my friends use, and one of my friends has a $4000 dollar custom that he puts in it, and a Malmsteen sig that he puts in it when he brings to school or doesn't wanna risk wrecking his fender case.
you can kick em and throw em and those cases withstand it, and if you live int eh states theres a warranty
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The cheap cases dont tend to hold up as well or fit as good. Its usually a case of get what you pay for. If your not going to drag it around everywhere might be ok. But dont go cheap if your going to take it alot of places.
I bought a MBT case not long ago 2 actually. 1 is a formed strat case and a pretty nice one looks like it will hold up. The other MBT case was a generic guitar case and it doesnt take long for the neck to wallow out the foam and the guitar moves around now. Both were the same price 50 bucks. I bought one of those musicians gear LP cases from MF not long ago and it doenst seem to fit any LP it was 50 bucks to. My standard wont go in at all as its to long and my LP100 flops around in the case. So sometimes you can get a decent one for less sometimes not. Best to try em at a store. May not have the best price like on the net. But alot easier to return or check the size.