Can anyone tell me if a Randall RG50TC or a Peavey Valveking 112 will have enough distortion for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal without the use of a distortion pedal. I am really thinking about upgrading to one of these tube amps if they will do Hard Rock and Heavy Metal without a distortion pedal. Thanks
Go for the Randall, it's better for metal.
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Randall. Maybe its just my guitar, but it doesnt seem to have enough gain or output for metal.
i hear great things about the randall for high gain/metal music
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I havnt heard the valveking but ive played the rg50tc and it was pretty horrid, muddy as a badger in the rain and the dist was fizzy and meh sounding, i mean to be fair i was A/Bing it with my rocker30 but still......
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Randall... I was also considering the VK but the most distortion it could do IMO was hard rock/LIGHT heavy metal...

damn oxymorons...
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Good god....Exactly how much gain do you people use? I've played the Valveking countless times and it's always had plenty of gain. With the boost enabled I usually had it at ~7 and it was plenty.
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Go with the B-52 AT112. I liked it alot better than the Randall. Its got alot better clean channel and the gain channel is face melting. The randall to me sounded boxey and the clean channel wasnt anything great. B-52 wins IMHO its got everything you could want and need for the most part.
quick question, im pretty much set on the randall for its distortion but not sure due to many bad reviews on the clean channel. is anyone able to tell me if the clean channel is as good or better than the cube30x if so then its good enough for me
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take a look at b-52 also, nice cleans to go with a really good distortion