it'd be much appreciated if you all could give me some pros and cons for these guitars. i know the seagull is one hundred dollars more than the other two, but i've heard praise for all three guitars, and i'm sure i could get the seagull for a reasonable price. (limit is about $350) but yeah, i just cant decide, and before i go out to guitar center to try em out, i wanted to see what everyone else had to say. thanks.

Yamaha: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-FG730S-Solid-Top-Acoustic-Guitar-519049-i1150361.gc

Takamine: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Takamine-G340SC-Solid-Top-Cutaway-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar-516423-i1148980.gc

Seagull: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-The-Original-S6-Acoustic-Guitar-104069091-i1147556.gc
try the Yamaha FG 750- nice guitar.
never played the 730 - I do like the tobacco sunburst.
yamaha is my choice .. rosewood back and sides(deeper bass response) i loved it when i had it .. i couldnt find a flaw on it very comfortable smooth neck

takamine are good but i dont find the cutaway to be important .. mahogany back and sides will give you a warm sound .. but not so strong bass .. but it looks nice

seagull .. sounds nice and neck is good (if you like wider necks) .. i personally am not a fan of the headstock

so i vote the fg730s
I think the Seagull is a much better guitar than the Takamine. My friend has a takamine and it cant even compare to my Art & Lutherie, which is made by the same company as Seagull.

The yamaha gets lots of good reviews, but the Seagull is a real winner as well. trying them out is your best choice.
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The Seagull is incredible.

Give it a try though, because you might not like the neck.

As for the comments about the headstock - what the hell? The looks of it you mean? If that's it, that's ridiculous. I have to say, too, the guitar stays in tune so, so well. Thanks in large part to the headstock design, and (probably more) the quality tuners.

Try them all out - the choice is ultimately yours. The laminate sides on the Seagull are nicer than the laminate on the Tak and Yamaha, but they are all decent guitars.
I can't comment on the others but I've just purchased the FG730s (in vintage cherry ) and I can tell you for the price it's a great quality piece of kit. Both in looks and it's tone.
I read a few reviews of it and only heard good things. Not really a negative word.

I say go for the FG730s.
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I am most tempted by the FG-730S (probably Vintage Cherry - I prefer it to the Tabacco Sunburst on the picture, but I've not seen either 'live') simply because I've never heard anything bad about them. The same goes for Seagull, but here in the UK, the Entourage is about £80 (almost $160) more expensive, and non Entourage at least £100 (~$200) more. Unless someone make a very good case for it, I would rather not go that high for a first acoustic guitar especially given that I am still a complete beginner.

As a brand, I've heard great things for about the Takamine. The G330-NS is just a touch more expensive than the FG-730 so I would consider it. However, I seem to hear more mixed opinion compared Yamaha.

Hence I would welcome more opinions preferably from people who have tried any two or three of the above. It's probably just as important that I just get *something* to practice with, and I would like to do that as soon as possible (tomorrow ideally). Thanks.
go with your instinct .. but you wont regret getting the fg730s
take it easy man .. its just a thread