ok, so here's the deal

i self-taught myself guitar over a 2-year period. through "teaching" myself, i somehow fell on the idea that playing with only 3 fingers (and totally ignoring the pinky finger) was totally acceptable.

yesterday i discovered Between the Buried In Me (they're the newest thing around, i know ), and i absolutely fell in love with their song Selkies: The Endless Obsession from their album Alaska.

now, i can't play that fast, and i don't know any chords. hell, i barely even know the note for each string! though i do know musical notes in the sense of time, time signatures, flats and sharps, etc, as i used to play saxaphone . so this summer, i set two goals for myself:

Goal 1: learn how to play RIGHT

Goal 2: get Selkies: The Endless Obession down perfect, minus the sweeps

the first step, i believe, is retraining myself to learn how to play with my pinky finger in full use.

you guys have any tips, songs, or anything else that would greatly help me in this quest for pinky mastering? lol
Play up a scale, using each finger for a fret in the position you are in. If that makes sense.

For example A major will go:


That's box one. So you go:


Each number corresponding to a finger and fret. I think that is clear?

Then try put your pinky in songs.
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I ahve three fingers and I've learned a couple songs off of BTBAM's album Colours. Im forced to stretch my hands pretty wide sometimes but It's not impossible to do. Just don't give up learning a song if you get frustrated with it.
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This book is basic lead guitar. This book has a lot of pinky work. It has A LOT of pinky work.

This one here is a rhythm guitar book. It will teach you all the basic chords that any guitarist of any style needs to learn.

A lot of students learn a few riffs and impress some girls, and they're happy with it. You seem like you maybe already did that but want to become a more complete player. Good for you.
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still need to learn how to alt pick -_-

Dude you've been playing for 2 YEARS and still cant alternate pick?
Better start practicing then/ Oh and fir some great free lessons go here
There is also a perfect lesson on this site for strenghtening your little finger right here
hmm wow alternate picking just came naturally for me. anyway, the 4th finger thing. if theres any really easy songs u know that u play with 3 fingers, play then with your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finger instead of 1, 2, and 3. it feels alot different and thats the best way to get used to it because your actually applying it to a "real situation," as in playing a real song.

Or, do this little mindless "excercise". I started this day one when I first started playing and it really helped.

6th string 1st fret (1 finger per fret)

1234, 2341, 3412, 4123

Goto 5, string, repeat. 4th string repeat etc.... Make sure to alt pick each note. Also helps alt pickin.
Just start using them - relearn the stuff you already know but make the effort to alternate pick and use your pinky where appropriate.
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no money for lessions

still need to learn how to alt pick -_-

Up, down, repeat. You'd also want lessons, as well. Lesions aren't as fun as they sound. They hurt.