I'm selling a Marshall MG15DFX guitar amp. it is 45 watts, which is loud enough from bedrooms, and even for band practices and small gigs. Its a light, portable amp. I bought this amp new around a year ago and it is still in perfect condition, with no scratches or dents. It has crystal clean tone and solid distortion. this is a very versatile amp that can play almost all genres of music. The amp also carries four BUILT IN EFFECTS. It has reverb, delay, chorus, flanger with a swooping phraser.

PRICE -- $170 in GREAT condition

--copied straight from craigslist

if anybody is interested just reply.
Its not a 45 watt amp LOL. It is a 15 watt amp that uses an Input Power total of 45 watts.
15 watts, nowhere near enough for practice or gigs
I won't even get started on the 'tone'
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ugh shouldnt have posted it here since people actually know about amps! just trying to get some extra money out of it rather than have it lying around the house. hopefully someone looking for a beginners amp will be interested on craigslist
mhm, i think the 45 is reffering electrically, the actually musicall output is 15. (it's in the name =p) (+ it goes up in 5,10,15,20,30, etc)
It costs $180 new.
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