Pretty Santana inspired, Latin based piece that my bandmate and I wrote; he came up with the bassline at the start, I added the rest of the song :P

Words aren't very forthcoming for this one; usually I write lyrics and tunes in tandem...this time, words didn't take much precedence.

And RSE is far more useful for hearing what the finished thing should sound like .

C4C, si?
I really couldn't find anything wrong with this. Everything sounded awesome and the only time I heard kindof "off" notes they made the song better not worse great chord/melody agreement or whatever you might call that. the only thing that kindof annoyed me were all the extra percussive latin sounding instruments. IMO, you should turn those down a bit. otherwise, everything sounded really cool and I enjoyed this piece a lot!

could you crit mine?

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...You're still disappointing them...

Only two things. I really didn't like the way the Verse slowed down after the intro, it just kind of threw me and sounded weird.

I really like the solos but there were some strange note choices that really kind of stood out. I'm not sure if it sounded bad persay, just strange.

I really enjoyed listening to this one all in all.
Loved the intro.

The verse and chorus I wasn't a fan of - they sounded very generic and the latin influence of the intro just disappears during them. The solo of verse 2 sounded good though. I like the "odd" notes - they give it a nice, unique flavor. Bar 37 onward is great, though more of the latin percussion would improve it. Maybe have the verse and chorus sound more like this? The 2nd solo is fantastic. When I saw the marker for bass solo I got worried, but you pulled it off - its one of my favorite parts. The outro capped things off nicely.

So, work on the verse and chorus, but other than that, not bad. 7/10

Crit mine please? I have the song "Phantoms" somewhere on the front page of this forum but I can't get to the link right now.
Awesome! Overall, an extremely excellent piece.

1. The drums are excellent. As immersive as RSE drums can be.
2. The guitar solos are excellent. The bass solo is as well, though less by a small margin.

1. The RSE sounded "crunchy" throughout (though it's probably my sound card), and using an EQ preset would have been better (to lighten the bass, even though this is a bass-centered song).
2. The Fm6 chord (x 8 10 7 9 8) is physically impossible to play.
3. Track 2 is too loud. I'd recommend taking it from forte fortissimo to forte.

The positive are way higher than the negatives, however.

Overall 9/10.

http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=889660 is my latest. =)
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Awesome, I can´t think of any big mistakes to criticise, it really had a nice feeling, you know? Maybe work on a longer Solo. Great that this is something else than most of what is on T&C this days. 9/10

Maybe crit this one? No prob if you don´t

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