I'm just now learning power chords (I have been using justinguitar.)

I just wanted to know, will power chords always be the same shape and just moved around the fretboard ? can they have different shapes?

Noob I know -.-

no you have the 0-2-2 power chord and the 9-12-12 they are slightly different though 9-11-11 works too
power chord = root and 5th, some ppl play with the octave of the root to make it sound richer (0-2-2 and so forth rather then 0-2)
if you were to play one with the root on the b string remember instead of 2 over: 0-2 as it would be on liek the A or the E string it would be 0-3.
this is too hard to explain over the interweb, get a teacher.
if ur base note is on your d string then instead of a 5-7-7 or a 4-6-6-.. its going to be a 5-7-8- or a 4-6-7-. know what i mean? try em out.
There are also different shapes of power chords, like there are E, A, F, (etc.) shaped power chords. They're just like the chord only like a bar chord and moved up the neck.

Ex: The chord E-minor is: 0 You could bar that and move it around: 5 And now you've
0 5 got an Em shaped
0 5 bar chord!!
2 7
2 7
0 5

Try it with different chords, expiriment.


Those are the basic power chord shapes. They will transfer anywhere on those four strings. The notes in parenthese, like this (1), are root notes. Once you hit the B string, you have to modify things. Then you have


So, you have to lower the B string notes one fret when using the G string. Notice that for the B and high e strings, the pattern goes back to normal.
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Don't waste your time learning powerchords - there's no point. Just learn open chords, then learn the barre chords along with the basics of chord construction to get you moving around the neck.

A powerchord is just the root and 5th, or the bottom 2 or 3 notes of a normal E, A or D shaped major chord. That means if you learn barre chords then you've learned how to play powerchords by default, learning them on their own is just wasted effort.
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no you have the 0-2-2 power chord and the 9-12-12 they are slightly different though 9-11-11 works too

9 12 12xxx is not a power chord.