I have a bad cold and its rather annoying. Gradually i begin to feel a bit better as the day goes on but the worst part is when i wake up in the morning because i dont get to cough up phlegm or blow my nose and my throat aches incredibly and i just feel terrible.
So does anyone have any overnight remedies or techniques etc.?, i dont really want to go to sleep now :/ Sry if this is spam or fail or boring or misleading or whatever.
Hot shower with lots of steam, it'll make your nose runny, blow your nose really hard for a while, Profit.
Or use some IcyHot.
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:/ Sry if this is spam or fail or boring or misleading orwhatever.

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coulb be mono. thats how i feel and the doc. said that i have mono. i'd go get checked out....they cant do much...but if your throats as bad as mine, they put you on steroids for it. and drink and ASSLOAD of water.
a) no one here has the cure for a common cold

b) no one hear gives sympathy you should take vitimans they prevent colds for me

c)its bloody summer soon for most of us how do you have a cold?

d) ha ha

e) i dont think ive ever done a listed retort past d so i thought i would entertain myself by doing an E
blow your nose like a ton
it works trust me

and when you go to sleep
open up a bottle of Vix and just breath it in while you sleep