Hey everyone, just messing around with this song to practice my vocals so if you could crit that, that'd be great. Crit for Crit of course... Thanks http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Fender_Strat_50/music/all/play335752
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you do realise youre practically talking right? there was practically nothing interesting in your vocals, you stayed the same tone throughout.
your guitar skills are great though ^_^
also, it mgiht be more helpful to actually give some advice =P
try listening to what you're playing, and then match your vioce to the note, works better with picking rather than chords in most instances...but still.
dashboard songs seem to work well with a lot of different vocal styles, i can do well and i have a reasonably croaky singing voice
speaking of which find yours, and stop talking o_o
you still need to take into account the highs and lows when youre singing though =]

hope this helps in some way