hey so, ive been playing about a year or so and.. im decent .. like.. of corse i need to work alot more and stuff but overall, id say im ready to maybe.. up my level

but the thing is, i dont know where to start, in a month or so ill start taking lessons probably
but like all i do is play covers and play some scales for an hour or 2 then im done and i dont feel like ive really gotten anything accomplished

so .. any suggestions what ui should practise or anything like that

also theres a few guys that want me to start a band with them but i cant improvise, tips?

*edit* i play bass and drums too, im just the worst at guitar
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well i play everything from slayer to gnr // that may not be much of a comparison actually.. but im all over the place, but i see what u mean
Try listening to some new music for inspiration. Start to learn how to play by ear and practice improvising.
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